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Thursday, May 9, 2013

I now support blowby treatments

For years now the science has shown that blowby treatments are useless.  Yet I find that they are very useful.  Allow me to explain.

When I was a new RT a 1 YO patient was admitted with a stuffy nose, audible congestion, and retractions.  I did a blowby treatment to no effect because there was no other way to do the treatment.  There's no way the child would have tolerated the mask, and the mouthpiece was out of the questions.

So I did a blowby to no effect.  And then I told the doctor blowby treatments only get 1 percent of the medicine to the patient, and so he ordered continuous blowby nebulizer.

You see my predicament here.  I have learned that it's better to just do the blowby and be done.  It's better to just blow the medicine past the patients nose, watch it waft away in the breeze, and just be done with it.  Then I can return to the RT cave and blog.

Yes, this is great.  Ignorance of the nurses and doctors in this way has made me a lazy RT.


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