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Thursday, May 9, 2013


I've had many people email me over the years saying that they wish more people would leave comments on my blog posts.  They say things like, "I just want you to know that even though no one leaves comments on your blog posts, we love your blog."  Perhaps you are one of these folks.  I thank you.

I also often remind folks that I see no reason for anyone to leave comments on my posts, because I pretty much say it all.  Once I finish a thought, there's not much else to say on it.  I'm not saying this to be arrogant, but more or less to show that most of what I write on this blog is what other respiratory therapists think but cannot say for fear of losing their jobs.  I don't fear losing my job, so I just say what I think.

How many times in the course of doing your rounds have you ever said to a doctor, "That person doesn't need a breathing treatment because Ventolin does nothing for pneumonia, ha ha ha."  You don't.  You don't because you have to maintain a professional relationship with that doctor, who, as a matter of fact, probably believes ventolin cures rickets.

For crying out loud you know it's true.  Yet every once in a while a doctor comes around who agrees with what I write.  I have one doctor who uses my terms as he discusses patients, saying things like, "That patient doesn't need scrubbin bubbllin therapy, but in order to get reimbursed... da da da."  I love that doctor.  He knows, and he admits.

I love all our doctors.  I love and respect them all, but there are many who are clueless about respiratory therapy.  I mean no disrespect when I say it, it's just true.  And the same is true of some nurses, and Lord knows it's also true even of some respiratory therapists (and if you're reading this you probably don't know who you are, so I'm not worried about offending you).

Look!  I would love to have more comments on my posts, but I also understand you guys have to keep your jobs, and that means you have to be careful.  It's also for this reason that I always keep the option open for you to make comments anonymously or by using a fake name.  The problem with this is I have to deal with those ignorant bastard spammers.

So if you want to leave comments on my post, but are afraid to, feel free to hide your real self.  Trust me, you would not be the first.  In the meantime, feel free to email me, as many of you already do.

Oh, and please note that the contact me icon to the right is not working for some reason, so you can contact me by my email:  I know I invite spammers by putting my email on here, but so be it.

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