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Friday, May 10, 2013

The saga continues: "That's not a wheeze...!!!

One of the most frustrating things for a respiratory therapist is trying to explain to "some" nurses why a breathing treatment isn't needed. 

Nurse:  The patient's wheezing

Me:  That's not a wheeze

Nurse:  Yes it is.  I can hear it audibly and throughout

Me:  If you hear it audibly it's not a wheeze.  What you're hearing is stridor or rhonchi radiating.

Nurse:  Have you seen that patient's x-ray?  It looks really bad.

Me:  Bad x-rays are not indications for beta adrenergic therapy

Nurse.  You're just lazy and trying to get out of work

Me:  No, I'm using science to justify indication for giving a medicine.

Nurse:  Stomps off angry.

Me.  Humbly give the treatment with a smile while having fun with the patient. 

I think we could probably make a cartoon out of this.


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