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Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Seven Sacriments

If you're a Catholic you should know of the seven sacriments.  If you're not, well, I'm going to list them here anyway. 

Sacriments of initiation:
  1. Baptism:  Erase your deadly sins and start with a clean slate; enter into the Catholic Church.  This is usually done in infance.
  2. Eucharist:  Receiving of the body of Christ.  You are now one with God and your Church.  This is usually done in childhood. 
  3. Confirmation: You are now responsible for your faith.  You understand your religion and what your responsibility in it is.  You have a job now that you never get a day off from.  You must be a good person, a productive member of society, and provide charity for your fellow men and women.  You must be a good person, and set a good exmple for others.  This is usually done in adolescents. 
Sacriments of community:
  1. Matrimony: A couple is made part of the community
  2. Holy orders: This is ordination of deacons, priests, and bishops.  It's their mission to teach the words of Christ. 
Sacriments of mercy:
  1. Confession (penance):  You admit to your sins and release the burden these sins hold on you.  You get a fresh opportunity to allow for healing. 
  2. Annointing of the sick: Spiritual healing and release of your earthly concerns.  You are now free to go to meet your maker. 

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