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Sunday, October 21, 2012

The greatest joy

As with all of us, there are days I just dread going to work.  There are days I trudge down the halls of our hospital cringing and griping each time my pager beeps.  Yet then I enter the room of the patient and all everything changes, especially when the patient, an elderly female face you're familiar with, says, "Rick, I'm so happy you are here tonight!"

I think the same happens after a busy day at work, when I'm so exhausted all I want to do is go to bed.  Then I open the door to my house and all of my kids are standing by the door, grinning cheek to cheek, yelling, "DAADDDYYY'S HOME!!!"  

Then my two little ones each want me to pick him or her up.  It's moments like these that cheer a person up.  It's moments like these you're going to remember when you're standing close to the pearly gates of Heaven looking back on your life.  

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