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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Everything RTs need to know about...

Blogs and related links: (RT FAQ)

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Cheat sheets and protocols:

Click here for free cheat sheets you can use and real RT protocols


  1. The difference between Obstructive versus Restrictive Diseases
  2. How to stop nosocomial diseases?
  3. Cystic Fibrosis (12/2/2010)
  4. Asthma
  5. COPD
  6. Cardiac Asthma
  7. Fluid imbalance
  8. Swine flu (for more click here)
  9. Sepsis
  10. Pneumonia
  11. Lung Cancer (11-18-2010)
  12. Bronchiolitis
  13. Ventilator Acquired Pneumonia (VAP)
  14. DIC
  15. DVT and PE (9/23/10)
  16. Heart Failure (CHF, pulmonary edema, cardiac asthma) (9/1/2010)
  17. Treatment for heart failure (6/ 17/ 2010)
  18. ARDS (12/8/ 2010)
  19. Bronchiolitis (RSV)
  20. Circadium Rythm Sleep Disorder (for night shifters)
  21. Dry Drowning: Drowning on dry land
  22. Interstitial Lung Disease (ILD) or Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (10/13/10)
  23. Sarcoidosis (may eventually lead to ILD)
  24. Lupus (may eventually lead to ILD) (3/3/11)
  25. Bronchiectasis (12/16/2010)
  26. Restless Leg Syndrome
  27. Pertussis
  28. White Coat Fever
  29. Near drowning (New as of 8/25/10)
  30. Smoke inhalation/ burns
  31. Sleep apnea
  32. Chest trauma (Coming February 3, 2011)
  33. Neurological disorders
The medicine:
  1. Respiratory Therapy Medicine Lexicon (Coming October 4, 2010)
  2. Generic and brand names
  3. MDIs: Priming the pump
  4. Wasting aerosolized medicine
  5. Check out what your COPD, Asthma meds cost
  6. Comparison of efficacy of MDI versus SVN
  7. Giving Albuterol to Decrease Potassium


  1. The Keystone Collaborative (New as of July 17, 2010)
  2. Core Measures (9/20/10)
  3. Utilization Review (9/29/10)
  4. Intensity of Service (9/22/10)
  5. Hospital Quality Assurance Analyzer

The Basics:

  1. How to run a successful business
  2. What makes a good hospital
  3. When to call the doctor (New as of 9/4/2010)
  4. How to deal with arrogant doctors
  5. The real indications for bronchodilator therapy
  6. The non-indications for bronchodilator therapy
  7. The Oxyhemoglobin Disassociation Curve (Relating SpO2 with PO2) (New July 8, 2010)
  8. Bronchodilator Reform
  9. How to hear bronchospasm
  10. Neonatal Cardiac Anomalies
  11. Oxygenating neonates
  12. Normal Neonatal ABGs and vitals
  13. Setting up CPAP on neonates
  14. Why premature babies are at higher risk for complications
  15. T-piece resuscitators (NEOpuff) verses self-inflating bags (NEOpuff)

Respiratory Procedures:

  1. ABG interpretation made easy: interpreting acid base status
  2. ABG interpretation made easy: interpreting level of hypoxemia (new 7/28/10)
  3. ABG interpretation made easy: how to know patient is CO2 retainer
  4. ABG Lexicon
  5. Cord Blood Gases
  6. ABG Temperature Correction (New as of 10/6/10)
  7. EKG Interpretation made easy (new as of June 2010)
  8. Pulmonary Function Testing Basics
  9. Aerosol drug delivery in children (SVN, MDI or DPI)
  10. Blowby breathing treatments
  11. Most aerosolized medicine is wasted
  12. 5 Common myths about performing EKGs
  13. Sputum
  14. pulmonary toilet (also click here)
  15. Lavage and suction
  16. Oxygen Therapy made easy
  17. Smoking Cessation teaching
  18. Peak flow meters
  19. To lavage & suction or not to lavage & suction
  20. Down with IPPB

Other RT wisdom:

  1. Crying during breathing treatments
  2. Treatment stacking (New as of 8/5/10)
  3. Religious -vs- nonreligious patients
  4. The hypoxic drive theory (or hoax) (updated 10/24/2010)
  5. Crease in ear, RLD, linked to CAD?


    ms_deemeaner said...

    Hi! I am an RT student, and I stumbled upon your website, and now will be combing thru it!!!! This is great, i will be tellin my classmates to look it up!!! THANK U!!!!!!!

    Carol said...

    I just wanted to also add a comment. I am a RT student who is graduating next month and I am feeling very nervous about being out on my own. This website and especially this page will most likely become my best friend. Thank you for this invaluable resource you have given us!

    Rick Frea said...

    Thank you. Kind words like this provide me the incentive to continue on.

    Robbie said...

    Love you site Rick, I always look here for the answers. Thanks for always posting links to other research and journals.

    Tawn said...

    This is an awesome site...Im a RRT for a few years and still come here for any unanswered questions. Thanks for putting this together!!

    Lannette Jones said...

    You are a GREAT (and this is an understatement) write!