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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Another type of ventolin

I informed my readers yesterday that soon I would get back to writing useful things. However, soon is not today. That said, warning: you may not want to read on.

However, I have come up with another version of Ventolin common at a hospital near you. You'd be amazed at all the non-bronchodilator uses doctors come up with for ventolin (or Xoponex). It's comical.

Here's the latest version:


Symptom: Shortness of breath, wheezes or diminished lung sounds

Diagnosis: COPD, end stage bronchitis and/ or emphysema

Frequency: Q4

Effect: The idea here is that COPD patients have burned their cilia to the point the cilia are crusty, limp and quite useless at bringing up phlegm. The patient has secretions in his lungs that he cannot expectorate as a result, which can tend to cause infection and chronic cough. The idea with Viagronex is that it titillates the cilia and causes them to stand on end so that they are excited to action.

I warned you I had nothing useful to say today. Have a great and relaxing first weekend of spring 2009.

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