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Sunday, March 22, 2009

RT Wit & Wisdom

Okay, so it's Sunday. My wife is working and my five year old daughter is working (riding horses with grandma), so that leaves me all alone with my 5 month old. Well, you know what that means, daddy actually has to work today.

She was fine yesterday, but today she's made it quite aware that she's tired of the bottle and wants something I can't offer. She's a happy baby for the most part, has discovered her hands and her voice -- which means she can entertain herself to an extent.

Yet she seems to have learned from her older sister that daddy can be a pushover if you flash your eyes and beg -- or cry. Yep, she's bright that way. She decided today she wants daddy to hold her until "what she wants" gets home -- which isn't for another seven hours.

Right now she's giggling as she plays in her new walker thingy. So, not knowing how long this "happiness" will last, or how long until she remembers she's not being held, I have to be quick here -- sententious so to speak.

Oap, she's crying. Gotta go.

I'm gonna start a new theme here: RT Whit. Oh, it's not whit as I just realized in my header. Whit is not wit, it's wit as in Ben Franklin's Wit and Wisdom. No one seemed to pick up on my error, but since the whole purpose of this blog is RT honesty, I'll confess my error (too bad I can't get the Rt bosses to be as honest like this).

So, today's wit is this:

"You can give the laziest person the hardest job and he will find the easiest solution: he will find someone else to do it."

Let's give an RT spin to this:

"You can give the melancholy, choleric and political orientated boss the simplest job and she will find a way to make it complicated."

Gotta go! She's no longer happy in her walker thingy.

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