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Friday, March 20, 2009

3 types of lethal arryhthmias

Dear RT Cave readers:

I promise I will write something useful soon. It has been extremely "swamped" where I work each of the past six days. We have one vent right now, but we have had up to two on many of the past several days.

And, if I am not mistaken, I have had at least one BiPAP ongoing all 6 of those days, and have set-up at least one BiPAP each of those nights. And add to this ten regular patients on bronchodilator treatments (perhaps three of which actually need them).

And then you have to add constant calls to the ER. And, of course, you have to note that I am the humble night shift RT here at Shoreline medical, so that means I did this all by myself.

Oh, and you also have to add to that some one in in my department has been a god awful something that rhymes with twitch and starts with a b minus the tw. You can figure that one out. I swear you can have a million more important things to do, and
this person still finds something to nag about.

Whoops, I'm not supposed to complain anymore. Oh, and I forgot that we (I)had an RT student last night too for the first four hours of my shift. And since I love to teach, this kind of added another responsibility to my long list of things to do.

We RTs here at Shoreline like to share our RT humor with our students. Albeit they often aren't sure if we are joking or not. Last night the day shift RT (The sagacious Jane Sage) educated them on the three basic types of lethal arrhythmia's you should be able to recognize on a rhythm strip or EKG.

These Lethal Arrhythmia's are:

1. Too fast

2. Too slow

3. Oh shit

Have a great weekend. And, oh, as soon as my energy level returns to, say, the 50% level, I will write something useful on this blog. So bare with me.



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