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Friday, May 20, 2022

How To Cope With Bias Training

The whole idea of bias (diversity) training is that we all have unconscious bias. This is bias that we are unaware of. It's thoughts that we have that we don't know that we have. Or at least that's what they say. Because we have these thoughts, we need to become aware of it so that we do not act out because of it. We need to be trained as to how to resist the urge to act on our implicit bias. The assumption here is we are prone to acting out on our unconscious thoughts. 

It's also called diversity training. It's an effort to create equity and fairness in the hospital setting. 

Allow me to take a time out a second here. Whenever you see the term equity replace it with socialism. This is because the term "equity" is a new term for the old unpopular term "socialism." So, bias training is basically an effort to create more socialism in the hospital setting. That's all it is. 

Now, that said, let's get back on topic. So, this whole idea of bias training has created quite the uproar among my coworkers and me. And in our discussions we have dissected the idea of bias training. And we have come up with some conclusions. 

For starters, it makes many of us feel uncomfortable. But we are reluctant to speak out due to fear of personal and professional retaliation. We find it great that efforts are being made to make blacks and gays feel comfortable when in our hospital. And no one will argue that the goal is to make everyone in the hospital feel comfortable. But we feel this is done at the expense of making people like me  – white, conservative Christians – uncomfortable.

And to our perspective, this is unfair. 

The whole idea of bias training is based on the theory of white supremacy. And this is based on the idea that we are not in control of our conscious behavior. And this is because we have implicit or unconscious bias towards people of certain races or sexual orientation. 

The problem I have with this is that it is not based on science. And this comes at a time where people are telling us we need to listen to the science. Well, I have never seen a study showing that there is a connection between implicit bias and conscious bias. Implicit bias meaning that we have unconscious thoughts. And conscious bias in that we act on our conscious thoughts without realizing we are doing it. And only white people do this. 

As noted above, there is no science proving the link between unconscious bias and conscious bias. This is so much so that this information cannot be used in a court of law. Yet here we have our governor of Michigan saying that there is a link. And that all healthcare people have to go training to undo this bias. And it is based on what? We do not know. No one knows what this is based on, not even Whitmer. And I am saying this is true because no one knows what is in someone else's head. And to assume we all have implicit bias when you have no idea how to read someone's mind is poppycock. 

Look at it this way. Let's accept the premise for a moment that I am having unconscious thoughts against black people. I don't, but let's just say I do. How can I change it if I don't even know I have it. You can force me to undergo training. But If I don't know I have it, I will never admit it, so I won't change. So, on its face, bias training is a waste of time and billions of dollars. 

Bias training is based on the idea you can stop unconscious thought, or stop yourself from having conscious thoughts based on it. It's also based on the assumption that all people have bias towards others, and also will act on this bias. But, this in itself is untrue also. It cannot be proven by science. 

And I will give you one example. I am a single male. I like women. So, if I have unconscious thoughts about women. And I am prone to acting out and cannot control it. Then I would chase every cute woman that I see. And this would cause a ton of trouble for me. And I do not do this. So, even if I have such an unconscious thought, I do not act on it.  Again, assuming we have unconscious thoughts, we are not prone to act on them. We have limits. We have control. And we do not need bias training. 

So, these are just some of my thoughts on bias training. I am not happy with it. I will do it if that is what I need to do to keep my job. But, Lord knows I will challenge the teacher in any way I can. And I will tell them what they want to hear (fingers crossed behind my back) so I can keep my job. And I know many of my friends who will do the same. 

Disclaimer: This article is not a criticism of my place of employment. If my place of employment has us do bias training, it is only because it is mandated by state regulation due to governor Whitmer's executive order

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