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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Are we that polarized we can't talk politics?

Are we that polarized as a nation that we can't even discuss politics at work. Heck, I hear a political discussion and I salivate, and I don't care what point of view people have. And that's what happened as I pushed my cow to the nurse's station. As I stood there, innocently and cooly surfing through the computer system, I hear the following conversation at the nurse's station.

The first someone said, "I don't see how they can let it be legal to poison your brain with alcohol."

Now, to be fair, I had no idea what initiated this conversation. I'm just all ears.

The second someone said, "The same with cigarettes. People are damaging their lungs. I don't see how we can allow that to happen."

The first someone said, "I think alcohol is worse because cigarettes don't change how people think. I just think alcohol is nasty that way."

The fourth someone said, "I think it's a free country, and if people want to put stuff into their body, it's their right."

I looked at the fourth person, and said, "I agree with you. I think you have a natural right to choose what to put into your body. No one else has a natural right to tell you what you can or cannot put into your body." All along I nonchalantly clicked away on my computer, looking for a particular patient.

The fourth someone smiled.

The first someone said, "Yeah, but we are paying for their health. If someone doesn't wear a helmet, and they get into an accident, we have to pay for it. If someone smokes, and they get COPD, we have to pay for it."

I thought, "Then take the money out of it. It's that simple." I thought I intervened into their conversation enough, so I held my thought.

The sixth someone started leaving.

The first someone said to the sixth someone as he was leaving, "Why are you leaving, afraid of a good political discussion"

The sixth someone said, "I consider myself neutral. I can listen to any political discussion. But this one is getting pretty controversial."

The first someone also started leaving. While doing so, said, "Yeah! I think this is getting pretty controversial and radical."

The second someone left, while saying, "I agree."

The third someone left.

That left me and the fourth person.

Personally, I wasn't there to have a political discussion, I just so happened to be a bystander as they were discussing something. I had my say because I love politics so much. Sure, I probably should have kept my thought to myself, but they then again, they were speaking openly, so why can't I?

Is it that controversial to defend natural rights?  I personally don't think this discussion was in any way controversial. I don't think my position or #4's position was radical. In fact, I think it's mainstream.

I mean, look at it this way. Could you imagine if someone made a law banning blogging? Could you imagine if someone made a law banning reading blogs? Well, if that happened, you and I would never have met. Just a thought.

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