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Monday, March 20, 2017

E-cigarettes linked to loss of lung function

It's a free country. If my niece wants to use e-cigarettes, all the power to her. However, she should also be properly educated as to the risks of using them. And, apparently, they start reducing lung function as soon as you start using them, according to studies.

They are marketed as a safe alternative to smoking. However, many experts have warned for years of the potential dangers of using them. They had no studies, however, as to which to site until now.

The study of 54 young e-cigarette smokers, 27 of whom had asthma, had increased airway inflammation and reduced lung function, even after short term use of e-cigarettes.

It only makes sense. You're inhaling a foreign substance directly into your lungs. There is a good chance that it might cause mutations on genes that are responsible for COPD or some other lung disease.

Obviously, further studies will be needed. But it appears that e-cigarettes being marketed as safe may be false advertising.

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