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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Definitions to be added to our lexicons

BDCHF = BiPAP Deferred Congested Heart Failure. BiPAP will prevent fluid from entering the lungs. Indicated for patients with poor kidney function who require large fluid boluses (i.e. for low blood pressure). A bonus is the BiPAP might cause the anxiety needed to raise blood pressure. Note: Ignore silly RT rants about BiPAP decreasing venous return and possibly lowering blood pressure).

DCHF = Deferred Congested Heart Failure. The patient was wet when admitted, but the doctor won't figure it out until the patient has been treated with bronchodilators for three days.

Diagnosis: PACHF = Physician Induced Congested Heart Failure.

Float away:  Pulmicort/ Albuterol dilate airways so foam pneumonia just floats away.

Nosocomial COPD. A fake diagnoses in order to meet criteria for reimbursement.  Requires Q4 breathing treatments regardless that patient is breathing normal and has clear lung sounds. 

Nosocomial CHF.  a.  Fluid overloading patients who don't look quite right but need to be admitted.  b. loading patients with fluid during surgery and sending them up to the floor claiming they are fine.

Schnockered:  Drug induced sleep

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