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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Meet Jake Gallant, the perfect asthmatic

My second comic I wrote for was about gallant asthmatics.  I got the idea for Jake Gallant and his friend Joe Goofus from the "Goofus and Gallant" comic strip in the old "Highlights" children's magazine.  I was going to feature a regular comic featuring the two prior to the budget being stripped after only seven comics were produced.  Here is comic #2.  You can read the accompanying article "The Gallant Asthmatic."  You may notice, as I publish these comics, that it was from here that I designed my header.

Jake, and gallant asthmatics like him, are a doctor's best patients because they do everything exactly as they are directed. They have an asthma action plan. They have their bronchodilator with them at all times, but only use it when necessary. They religiously take their controller, anti-inflammatory medicines. Illustrated by Dash Shaw.  (originally published at asthma)

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