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Wednesday, February 18, 2015


So I'm standing with a nurse in the hallway, and we are watching as a group of our coworkers attempt to save a young man's life.  She turns to me and says, "I think this is a good time to start praying."

I said, "I already began."

She said, "I knew when I saw you standing out here that this man was going to be prayed for."

It's kind of a neat feeling when someone tells me that seeing me reminded them of God.  It says a lot about the image I portray, and shows the importance of a good Christian upbringing.

It wasn't obvious that I was praying, as I was not on my knees or anything like that. She knew it because I told her one night that I pray in such situations. As a Christian I know that death is not the end but the beginning.

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