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Friday, December 19, 2014

RT Cave listed among best COPD blogs

So I am up late, and to kill the time I'm surfing the net.  I'm looking for a book that covers the basics of COPD in order so I can stay up to date on COPD wisdom, with the ultimate goal of coming up with ideas to write for and this site.

As I'm doing this I come across a slide show called 14 Best COPD Blogs. I decide to flip through the show to see if there are COPD blogs that might be of interest, when I come to #10 on the list, which is Respiratory Therapy Cave.

This is what they said about the Cave:
Being diagnosed with COPD doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the humorous side of life. Respiratory Therapy Cave was created with the mission to cause you to lose your breath—from laughing too hard. The blog provides accurate information about respiratory therapy and related topics with unrivaled wit.
Topics include inhalers, mesothelioma, and the understated consequences of smoking. And each day carries a specific theme. For example, Mondays are dedicated to answering community questions on respiratory therapy.
That's a pretty good endorsement, and one I wasn't expecting.  So, in return for the favor, I'm providing the link above, and here, to

By the way, they have featured my blog before as one of the best asthma blogs. So I'm taking this as a nice compliment, and an honor.

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