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Monday, April 7, 2014

Asbestos awareness week begins

Today begins asbestos awareness week.  Asbestos is a product commonly used in work areas and households.  Exposure to it can cause a form of cancer called mesothelioma, an aggressive and deadly form of cancer.

I am reminded of the dangers of asbestos by Heather von St. James, who is one of the more recent victims of the disease.  She said:
Eight years ago, I was diagnosed with mesothelioma; a rare and deadly cancer caused by exposure to asbestos. I had just given birth to our daughter Lily, and was only given 15 months to live. After a life saving surgery that included the removal of my left lung, I made it my life’s mission to educate people about this deadly disease and it’s cause.
This week on the RT Cave we're going to learn about asbestos and how it became linked with one of the most deadly forms of cancer.

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