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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Lets-Just-Get-It-Done-And-Over-With Therapy

So you are called to do an EKG on the patient.  While doing this procedure you realize the patient is complaining of mild dyspnea.  You listen to her and she is clear and her lung sounds are normal.  But because you know the doctor will order Duoneb regardless of why the patient is short of breath, you ask the doctor if you can just give it now.  The idea is you can just get it done so you don't get called back to the ER when the doctor is done writing his orders, which may be an hour from now.

This is one of the main strategies of respiratory therapists around the globe.  It's sort of done inside the closet, sort of.  It's creating work for yourself now that you know is a waste of time, just so you can get a break later on.  No one wants to admit to doing it, but we all do.  It's called Lets-Just-Get-It-Done-And-Over-With Therapy.  It's a form of delayed gratification, sort of.

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