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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Things I like and things I hate about working day shift

Here are the reasons I don't particularly like working days:
  1. I feel I have to hide from the bosses and doctors when I'm not busy
  2. I feel like I'm harassed by the bosses at times
  3. Morale of day shifters is a lot lower than night shifters
  4. Day shift people are too busy to relax and have fun
  5. Have to find something to do (or hide) when not busy
  6. Have to do many more procedures than at night
  7. All the QIDs that aren't needed are done during the day
  8. People tend to get sick during the day and not so much at night, thus
  9. The emergency room is a lot busier during the day shift
  10. There are a lot more doctor's orders during the day shift
  11. Patient's are generally awake, and so you can't just skip the treatment (when it's not indicated, which they usually aren't indicated)
  12. Have to deal with patient's family members
  13. Have to work around meals and procedures
That said, here are the advantages to working days:
  1. Doctors are awake and not irritated when you ask them questions, and...
  2. Doctors are easier to approach when you have questions or concerns regarding a patient
  3. You are awake because you get to sleep during normal times
  4. Pool poeple are more likely to work days, so...
  5. It's easier to find people to work for you,
  6. You don't have to work every holiday
  7. When you have a day of you don't have to waste a day recuperating
  8. Bosses get to know you better, and can see how great of an RT you are
  9. Bosses may give you special assignments, and this may improve your morale (at least for me, I like to work on assignments (such as writing policy, etc.)
  10. Patients are awake and more fun to hang out with and banter with
  11. Patient's family are more likely to be there, and they can be fun to banter with
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