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Thursday, November 28, 2013

America has the richest poor in the world

I live on respiratory therapy wages, therefore I barely live above the poverty line.  I also have four kids, so that doesn't help.  Yet all and all, even as I add the hours my wife picks up as a nurse, I am not very well off as far as money is concerned.

However, I do have a house over my head, and we have food on the table.  And this brings me to an interesting article I read regarding poverty in the United States: that there is no poverty in the U.S. in comparison to poverty in other nations, and in comparison with poverty historically.

Consider the following according to the America Census Bureau.  Of the people considered in poverty in the United States:
  • 80.9% have cell phones along with their land lines phones (I can't even afford one, nor can I afford the service)
  • 58.2% have computers
  • 96.1% have televisions (and that probably includes cable)
  • 83% have some sort of DVR (another novelty I cannot afford)
In the old days, and in most places around the world, poverty meant that your greatest job was putting food on the table,which wasn't easy on any given day.  You worked your butt off from sun up to sun down, and you were barely able to keep a house over your head and food on your table.  Chances are you slept on the ground, and you did not have any of the luxuries noted above; it wouldn't even be an option.  

So if you think about it, the poor in America are among the richest poor people in the world.  For this we should be thankful.  


  1. Breitbart: Americans in 'Poverty' Have TVs, VCRs, Cell Phones, Air Conditioning

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Anonymous said...

RT's make 20 or more an hour here in Ohio. That's well above poverty. Perhaps you need to move? Interesting blog you have.
-M in school for respiratory

Rick Frea said...

Wouldn't want to do that to the kids. Although we've thought of it.