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Saturday, October 5, 2013

MCAT question #55

I cannot reveal my source, but I once again am privy to esoteric wisdom. The following is a question I have obtained from the Medical College Admission Exam (MCAT):

#55.  What makes sense about the following:  

  • No respiratory distress
  • Speaks in full sentences
  • No acessory muscle use
  • Lungs clear
  • Normal breath sounds
  • No respiratory history
  • No asthma
  • No CHF
  • No pneuonia
Diagnosis:  Intractable pain and seizures

Plan: Breathing treatments of Albuterol Q6 and Pulmicort BID

Of the above, which of the following are true: 
  • a.  Nothing makes sense about the above orders, as if a person is not short of breath and has no respiratory history, he should not require breathing treatments
  • b.  Preventolin will assure a speedy recovery
  • c.  Breathing treatments are indicated to assure patient meets criteria for reimbursement
  • d.  Seizurebuterol sooths and relaxes the myelen sheths in the cerebral cortex to minimize spasms of the head and shoulders.  May be alternated with headandshouldersuterol.  The medicine should be given at a frequency of QID.  Pulmicort should be given BID to lubricate the albuterol particles to help crossage of the blood-brain barrier.  

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