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Monday, October 7, 2013

Hospitalists: A new breed of doctors

Hospitalists: A new breed of physicians.  They have been around quite a while now, but have just made it to Shoreline medical.  We waited for them eagerly, praying, hoping, that they would be what we dreamed they would be.  So far, they seem to be what we expected. 

Yes, folks, I'm happy about hospitalists.  Not only am I happy with what they have done for our hospital, and our patients, but I'm ecstatic that this new breed is market driven, and not government forced.  It's market driven, meaning that you and I and our patients are the reason it exists.  It is a wonderful profession, one that was long overdue. 

Over the years I have had one of one discussions with nearly every single one of our Internists and family practitioners of their thoughs on the change.  They all loved the idea.  No more would they have to balance their time in the office with the hospital.  I one every now and again walking down the hall with a brisk smile.  Yes, they are happy.  

In fact, one of our former Internists said, shortly before the change: "I'm looking forward to it.  I love working here.  However, taking care of inpatients is only 10% of my profit, and as much as 40% of my time.  I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new hospitalists. I think they are a great bunch, and I think you guys will love them."

The general consensus of all our physicians was the same.  Some were slow to adapt to the idea of change, but what's new.  Every single one of them eventually handed over their inpatients to the new group of hospitalists. 

Lord knows they aren't perfect.  After all, they attended the same dogmatic medical schools. Despite the flaws of the profession, I have found I enjoy working a bit more with these new docs.

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