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Monday, October 21, 2013

25 reasons why people go into respiratory therapy

In honor of respiratory therapy cave week I thought it would be neat to list some of the reasons we became respiratory therapists in the first place.  Here are some of the reasons I've heard over the years.

  1. Love the money
  2. Love helping people
  3. Love working with people
  4. Love the challenge
  5. Love the feel of the rush during an emergency
  6. Like the exercise from all the walking we do
  7. Love bantering with patients
  8. Love working in the air conditioning
  9. I love the challenge of doing invasive procedures
  10. I love helping people breathe better
  11. I love the milieu of the hospital
  12. The wait to get into nursing school was too long
  13. I would rather do PEEP than POOP
  14. Love the hours
  15. Love the people
  16. Knew the boss
  17. Slept with the boss (okay, I just made that one up)
  18. Wanted an easy job
  19. I thought it would be a good career
  20. It was the career I drew out of a hat
  21. I accidentally signed up for the wrong class, and decided I liked it
  22. RTs were in high demand
  23. I could start working as soon as I got a degree
  24. It was only a two year program
  25. I heard if I could get my CRTT in one year and start working
Why did you become an RT?

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1 comment:

Phoenix Fire Falconry said...

In 2006 I found myself divorced from a 20-year marriage, and then downsized from a job I had held for 11 years. 2006 pretty much sucked! My back was up against a wall, as I was living in a rural area where jobs were few and far between. I determined to return to school and finish something . . . but what. I asked what field could I accomplish in 2 years, and which would give me a career that I could support myself. My options were Respiratory Therapy, or Radiation Technologist. I decided I would rather help people breathe, than to glow. I'm glad I did! Becoming an RT has been great for me. It gave me the confidence to rebuild my life, and now I have a real career that I love.

Happy RT Week!