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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Ventolin rids body of evil spirits and demons

Ventolin: What does it do?
  • Build muscle
  • Burn fat
  • Kills zombies
Yes, ventolin now proven to kill the evil demons, angry gods and upset spirits that have posessed your body and are causing your lung ailments.  Give 0.5cc of ventolin and it will exorcise these from lungs and the result is better health. 

Some physicians are referring to this type of b2 agonist therapy as Mthologyuterol, and others refer to it as Demonuterol, Spirituterol, and Godexerol. 

There is also another medicine called Placatolin, which placates the gods so they stop causing diseases.  The result of the medicine is similar to the ancient civilizations performing sacrifices to feed the gods and keep them happy. 

Spirituterol:  Provides sacrificial offering to placate the spirits that invaded your lungs causing disease.

Demonuterol:  Provides sacrificial offerings to placate demons that cause disease.

Godexerol:  Placates gods so they quit irritating your lungs.  It also placates godesses.

Any questions, please inquire within. 

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