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Friday, August 16, 2013

Terms your kids use, but probably shouldn't

The following are terms your kids use, but probably shouldn't.
  • Like (like, I was planning on going to the fair): either you are or you aren't.  
  • Um (I, um, was thinking of going to the fair): It makes you sound unintelligent. 
  • Dude (Dude, I'm going to the fair): It is a lazy word.
  • Yo dog (Yo, dog, I'm going to the fair): people are not dogs
  • Awesome (The fair was awesome)
  • Literally (That fair was literally, like, awesome)
  • Anyway (Anyway, that fair was awesome)
  • Dumb (You are dumb): dumb means cannot speak
  • Idiot (You are an idiot): Idiot means non intelligent
  • Interesting (Wow! That was interesting!):  So what is interesting? What do you mean? I usually use the term "interesting" when someone shows me a painting I think is bad and I don't want to hurt the feelings of that person: I say, "it's interesting." 
  • Any curse word (you are a ________!)
  • Frickin or Fricking (You are a fricking liar!):  It's no better than a curse word
  • Jesus or Jesus Christ:  It's most often used as a curse word, and shows disrespect.
  • Hell:  It's most often used inappropriately
  • Pet Peeve (Saying "you are an idiot" is a pet peeve of mine):  You mean it irritates you?
  • Anyways (Anyways, I liked that movie): There is no such word. 
  • Ain't (You ain't going to the river): I know it's probably in the dictionary now, but it's not a word
  • Epic (Like, that was epic!): It's used incorrectly.  It's a generic term for awesome.
  • My bad (It was, like, my bad): In other words, you made an error.
  • I know (Dad, I know):  You did not know, because I just told you
  • Hate (I hate you): Do you really?
  • Touch base (We need to touch base.): So, what do you mean? phone call? email? text? in person?
  • Nerves (You are on my nerves.): No one can get on your nerves.
  • Yo (Yo, man...): It's the lazy man's way of saying, "May I have your attention."
  • Man or woman (Hey, man, will you come with me): Try "Would you come with me."
  • Sick (Yo, dog, that was sick): You mean 'that was disgusting?"
  • OMG and any other abbreviation (OMG!  Like, I am so disgusted!)  Makes you appear lame to any sophisticated adult.
  • Lame (You look lame, man!) Like, what's your definition of lame?
  • Cool (That roller coaster was way cool): It was in no way cold.
  • Way (That roller coaster, man, was way cool): That word way is way lame, man, and not used right.
  • That (The person that went to the fair was way cool): A person is a who, an animal or a thing is a that.
  • Pig out (At the feast I pigged out.): You mean you ate too much?
  • Fart (I farted): you mean you passed gas, expelled internal gases, or flatulated? 
  • Poop (I pooped): You had a bowel movement (and I did not need to know that) It's a term my 4-year old uses, I don't want to hear it from my older kids.
  • Took a dump (I took a dump): ditto for what I said about poop.
  • Ditto (Ditto what you said); you mean you agree with me?
  • Gay (That's so gay): So what does that mean, anyway? 
One patient of mine said he encourages his children to not say any of the above terms, and instead search for  a better vocabulary.  He says that "improving your vocabulary is easy and FREE; all you have to do is open any book, or look in a dictionary. Better yet, all you have to do is click on Google and do a search, any search (other than Facebook and YouTube)."

He says, "If you want to make a good impression, perhaps as to convince a sophisticated gentleman or woman that you are the best hire, have a decent vocabulary.  Do that and you will be fine. Do dat, and you will find yourself with a bum, low paying job."

This was just one of many interesting discussions I have with my patients.  What do you think?  


steve respiratory said...

I understand how you want to father your children the best you can. I originally found your site searching for wisdom from a group or person in my field in which I could grow and excel as a therapist. The only thing this post reflects is your ignorance of communication. How do you think Americans developed our language?

You are a talented person which is dwelling in discontent, and it's showing up in your post. Not all of us have the environment to learn nor appreciate dialect. You can do way better than this, teach me something. Your kids are going to leave your house and talk how ever they feel. Your influence will be there but ultimately they will communicate accordingly to their environment. Just like we do. Try not to forget your kids are people just like you and me, the more you treat them like a kid the more they will feel it is ok to be a kid. Give them the tools they need to make the best decisions possible in this chaotic world not how to look down on others who do not communicate the way they do. I understand completely if you decide to delete this post, I respect you as a person, professional, and loving husband/father. Just do your blog some justice and lets get back to the Respiratory stuff. Here I'll give you a topic- What will respiratory therapist do when society finds a way to 3D print organs and they just replace ill lungs?

Rick Frea said...

I'm not going to delete your comment because -- unlike some people -- I understand the value of different opinions. I, however, disagree strongly with yours. I believe it's important to teach your children what is right. It's what a good parent should do. Also, most respiratory therapists have lives outside the hospital, which makes writing about life beyond RT appropriate for this blog. Besides, it's my blog, and I write what I want here. If you don't like it, go read someone else's blog.

Anonymous said...

If your best argument against someone else's opinion is to toss hate and vitriol at the other person, then you have no argument at all. Rick's post here is right on. Steve's comment is typical of a liberal who. Since they have no evidence to back up their "opinion," they attack the other person. Will Lessons, Retired RRT.

Anonymous said...

So, Steve, you're saying that Rick shouldn't encourage his kids to develop strong vocabs? I keep a dictionary on the kitchen table, and now my grand kids use it. It's the most worn out book in the house. My kids all used their skills to become very productive members of society, and my grand kids will do the same. To say rick is "ignorant" by encouraging his kids this way in and of itself shows YOUR IGNORANCE. Sarah, RT from Indiana