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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Patients are smarter than RTs

So the patient asks, "Why am I getting these."

I say, "Well, do you feel better after them."


"Were you ever short of breath?"


"Well, sometimes doctors order stuff just because."

He says, "Well, doctors need to do something to keep the RT profession in business."  He laughed.  At this point I'm thinking this guy is okay. 

Then he says, "Well, actually there is a reason for these treatments."

Me:  "Oh, yeah, what is it?"

"Well, when a patient like me is at home, he is active and walking around and stuff.  When he's sitting in a hospital bed he's sitting all the time, and blood gets all congested in the legs and stuff," he motions to his legs. "It can get all clotted up and make its way to the lungs.  The Albuterol is supposed to prevent all of that."

"You're a genious." I said. 

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