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Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Nothing is better than a good ole refusal.  You might as well refuse that of which is unindicated and superfluious anyway.  I wish more people would stand for their right and refuse therapy.  It makes my job easier, it makes their life better, and it saves the hospital and Uncle Sam money. 

It seems that in a world where most of what we do is to make money, or to prevent a lawsuit, the result is a lot of stuff being done that is not scientifically proven to do any good.  Sometimes doctors order stuff just for the placebo effect (Ventolin anyone?)

So, just so you know, it's okay to refuse treatment.  If you think something isn't doing you much good, don't be afraid to question the doctor, or simply refuse.  A wise doctor will not think any less of you for it, and your RT will probably be happy to stop by for a chat, and not give you the drug you don't need. 

Thoughts?  Or am I way off on this?

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Unknown said...

A big fan of your "Rick" keep up the good work.