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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Jobs inspires Oxitone wrist pulse oximeter

Supposedly when Steve Jobs fell ill he complained of the devices used to monitor his oxygen status.  So his company, Apple, worked to create a new pulse oximeter that can be worn around the wrist. This is according to Phyllis Hanlon, "Apple's Jobs Inspires Comfortable Device."

The device is the first ever pulse oximetry device that doesn't require anything to be placed over a finger, nor an ear, nor a toe.  You place it around the wrist, and it continuously monitors the heart rate and oxygen saturation. 

It's a convenient way for both patient and care practitioners to monitor the the patient's oxygenation status, and to increase and decrease oxygen as needed.

There's anothe rarticle by Brian Edwards, "Oxytone launches crowdfunding campaign for innovative wrist-worn pulse oximeter."  He notes that the new device is also resistant to motion, meaning even as the patient is wriggling around you will still get accurate vitals.

The information is also updated to a cloud, meaning it can be viewed by the patinet and caregivers from any place in the world by using a computer or iPhone. Edwards writes:
The smartphone/PC dashboard application unwinds the patient daily health profile, which is being continuously uploaded to a cloud. The information can also be securely shared by the patient with the family or community members, offering the patients and caregivers peace of mind.
Hey, that's pretty smart.  Perhaps in the future we might find monitor techs not just watching the telemetry units of patients admitted to the hospital, but patient's at home too.  There's another related blog post about Jobs and the pulse oximeter here.

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