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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Can evolution exist with Christianity?

Do you believe in evolution?  Do you ever think about it?  I think there is too much evidence to completely deny evolution, and I am a staunch believer that evolution and science and religion can all exist on the same planet.  Even Einstein was an ardent believer in both science and God. 

Pope Francis has a good quote on this topic: "We are not some casual, meaningless product of evolution. Each of us is the result of a thought of God."

You guys can believe whatever you want about evolution, but this is just my view.  This is how I think of it.  I think it's crazy to think that a creation as intelligent as humans, as complicated as we are, could just be created on a whim of nature.  I think nature was created by God, and we evolved from the primitive man God placed on this planet.  We grew.  We evolved into what we are today. 

There is another aspect that I try to swallow, and that is that if man evolved from apes, where are all the half man half apes.  Although, some scientists have discovered bones of humanoids like Lucy around campfires of of Neanderthals, suggesting that man saw its predecessor as competition and force them to become extinct.  You can use your imagination as to how they did this.

Can this type of extinction, of evolution, occur even if there is a God.  Why not?  Copernicus and many during his time had to wait until the end of their lives, or after their lives, to publish their research for fear the Church officials would kill or imprison them.  Ultimately, however, the Church came to understand that religion and science can both exist side by side.  Although some religions, such as the Muslim religion, have a tougher time with this, so it appears (correct me if I'm wrong). 



CajunGal said...

This has always been my opinion as well. If God is as intelligent and powerful as He claims (which I believe He is), then why couldn't He have put creation and evolution side by side?

Glad to find out that someone shares my opinion!

Anonymous said...

Actually, Einstein while from a Jewish family certainly did not believe in a personal God. You may argue that he believed in the God of Spinoza but he did not believe in an intelligent deity that intervened in the affairs of humanity. While he found wisdom in certain religious texts and philosophical foundations, he ultimately did not see these texts as supernatural but rather ideas that originated from human beings.