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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Would you rather be deaf, dumb or blind?

Yes, on those cool, windy nights, tucked away unde the warm blankets in a warm dorm room, at Ferris State University, after downing a few dozen cheep and dower tasting Huber beers, the cheepest beer at the time, three college students, all of the male variety, all with half their brains dowsed, having a non-intelligent discussion: 
If you got to choose which of the five senses to lose, which one would you prefer to lose?
Of course you have to be drunk to have this discussion. I chose my ears.  I figured I could get along just fine without hearing, but if I couldn't see it would make it hard to do this.  In fact. deafness might make me a better listener (don't you think?)

My friends all chose sight.  They decided that if you can't see you can still feel and you can still hear and you can still experience life.  If you lose your ability to hear, you lose the concept of what's going on around you. If would be like living in solitary, so they say.  I suppose you could say the same about losing sight.

One of my friends said he'd choose the sense of touch, because it would be good to not feel pain, or not feel gross stuff. They say this might be good.  And if you had no sense of touch, and no sense of taste, you could pick up a mouse, put it into your mouth, and you wouldn't feel it scratching and clawing and nibbling at the back of your throat.  And you wouldn't taste it's dirty fur, nor feel the sand falling off it's paws on it's way down your gullet.  Sorry, but that's the kind of stuff we talked about during those buzzes of old. We got a little overly passionate and descriptive.

 But I think the sense of feel is necessary to type, and that's what I do for a hobby.



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