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Monday, December 10, 2012

Asthma verses Fatsma

Allow me to explain the difference between two diseases that are completely different yet often get confused as the same:  Fatsma and Asthma.

1.  Fatsma:  It's dyspnea with exertion.  Your heart can't keep up with the demands of your body.  Your heart craves oxygen upon exertion, and therefore you feel dyspneic.  Doctors and nurses convince the patient a beta adrenergic breathing treatment will solve the problem.  The real solution is:
  • REST
  • OXYGEN (The oxygen boost given with beta adrenergic may help)
  • Diet
  • Weight loss
2.  Asthma:  It's dyspnea due to bronchospasm. The muscles around your air passages spasm and cause air to be trapped inside.  A beta adrenergic breathing treatment will relax these muscles and open up the passages to improve breathing. 

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