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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Is there a lot of math in respiratory therapy?

Your Question:  I'm researching information on the RT program wanted to know if the schooling was hard, and was there a lot of math?

My answer:  The RT program is a two year program.  Through the program you will become an expert on lung diseases, so your studies will be intense in this area.  You'll have to do some math, memorize some formulas, although your teachers should walk you through them.  After you get the basics down you'll use these over and over so you'll become pretty adept at them over time.  I think you'll need to take an algebra class, and maybe algebra II.  I can't remember exactly.  You'll also need to take one chemistry class.  Yet don't let these stop you from going to the RT program, because once you become an RT the main emphasis is on patient care and not so much math and science.  Actually, I didn't go into the RT program out of High School out of fear I'd fail chemistry ( I did fail it in high school), yet college is so much different than high school.  In college you are taking something you chose, so that alone makes you more likely to do better.  I would highly recommend if you are considering the RT profession that you participate in a shadow program at your high school and follow a respiratory therapist for a day.  Or, you can call a hospital near you and ask if you can follow an RT for a day.  Most hospitals are more than willing to allow this.  I provide for many tips about the RT profession on this page for you to read at your leisure.  

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