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Friday, November 23, 2012

5 Tips for Improving Communication with Patients

It's quite frankly no fun to sit in a bed all day.  While everyone else is living their lives, you're stuck in a bed worrying about your health.  It can be depressing. And when someone is depressed, they become silent.

It doesn't help that most people are modest anyway and don't want to bore you with their health concerns.  Or they don't feel comfortable talking about themselves.  Or they otherwise can't or won't communicate with you.  The following are some tips to opening up communication between you and your patient.

1.  Relax and have fun:  Enjoy yourself and the patient will enjoy you

2.  Become a friend:  People are more likely to open up to people they consider friends, which is why it's important you become one.

3.  Be trustworthy:  People are more likely to open up with people they know they can trust.

2.  Look at and talk to your patient:  Don't sit in the room with your nose in the chart.  Don't start the treatment and leave until it's done.  Pay attention to the needs of your patient, not your own needs.

3.  Lend an ear:  Most patients just want to talk.  Be the ear. 

4.  Don't one-up the patient: Yeah, well I had something even weirder happen to me... Don't!  Let the patient tell his story and leave it at that.  It's his day. 

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