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Thursday, October 25, 2012

What do you like most about being an RT?

Your humble question: What do you like most about it?

My humble answer:  To put it simply, I love getting to know people.  I love sitting with my patients and having an intelligent discussion  I love educating them about how they can stay healthy.  I love sharing my own experiences so my patients don't feel they are alone.  I love doing invasive procedures like ABGs and suctioning and making these normally unpleasant procedures as simple and easy as possible.  I like explaining complicating things to patients and making them simple for the patient to understand.  I love my coworkers, and working as part of the doctor-nurse-respiratory therapist team to help patients. I also love a good challenge. I love to use my experience and education to help people.  Mainly, I just love working with people.  I love helping people.

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