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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

25 Reasons your coworkers don't like you

If you're like me you sometimes wonder what your coworkers think of you.  Surely it seems like they like you because they're nice to you, but what do they really think.  According to studies, there are a variety of bad habits that often determine what people think of you. 

The following are some of the things that if you do them, your coworkers may hate you for:

1.  Sucking up to the boss at the expense of your coworkers.  One example is pointing out mistakes of your coworkers so you look good and your coworkers look bad.  Then of course you mingle with your coworkers like you're innocent.  You can also call this All kissing or Brown nosing

2.  Taking work from your colleagues:  I had a coworker once who tried to make herself look like the hotshot by every time there was a critical patient she'd jump to the head of the bed and take over management of the patient.  It made me feel like an idiot.  Then she'd say, "Oh, I hope I'm not stepping on your toes."

3.  Taking too much credit:  You and your coworkers work hard to save a life, and your boss credits you.  Instead of sharing credit, you take it all for yourself. 

4.  Not willing to help out:  Are you sitting around on the Internet playing games while your coworkers are running a code in the emergency department?  Are you willing to take an extra load to help out?

5.  Unable to manage your own workload:  Some people simply can't prioritize, and can't get their own simple tasks done without calling for help.  There's nothing worse than a co-worker who leaves work for other people to do or finish.  Get your work done!  Do it right!  Get it done on time!

6.  Too much gossiping:  Like, I've heard enough about Dr. Blabbermouth's brother's sister's aunt's affair with Dr. Sassapants.  Enough already. Stop talking about other people.

7.  Too much complaining:  The person who complains to much about the boss is often seen as the negative, pessimistic person no one wants to hang around

8.  Being too loud:  Every office has one coworker who talks way to loud.  It's hard to concentrate when someone is yapping.  I don't want to hear any more about your golf game.  Shut your mouth!

9.  Being too messy:  You may see your cluttered workstation as a sign that you're busy or creative, yet your coworkers may see it as you being lazy.

10.  Noisy chewing:  Whether eating or chewing gum, excessive chomping is annoying. 

11.  Too much texting:  Are you texting during a meeting or when you're supposed to be taking care of patients? 

12.  Too much talking on phone:  Are you talking on the phone with your friends when you should be taking care of patients?

13.  Selling stuff:  It's fine to sell your home products during down times or during breaks, but some people spend their entire shifts trying to sell their products, and this gets annoying.  No one wants to feel "like they are expected to buy something," or "feel guilty for not buying something."

14.  Swearing:  Bad language is annoying.  Period. 

15.  Leaving too many notes:  It's nice for someone to leave a few notes around the office to maintain order, but that person who puts a note above or on every compliance is an annoying bugger. 

16.  Too much judging:  Yes I know I'm a screwup already.  I don't have to know everyone of my faults and every one of my bosses faults for that matter either.

17.  Selling out:  You are major supporter of an RT protocol, yet as soon as Dr. Scrubbin starts complaining about it you are the first to jump ship.  You think kissing the ass of your bosses and the doctors is more important that what some silly RTs want. 

18.  Leaving old food in fridge:  It's been a week.  Get your Sh...junk out of the fridge.  It stinks!

19.  Unwilling to work your hours:  You're sick all the time.  You can't be relied upon. 

20.  Tardiness:  Again, you can't be relied upon.  It may be okay to be late once in a while, but every day????  Come on!

21.  Procrastination:  Playing games when your work needs to be done. 

22.  Not taking advantage of leeway:  If you have a half hour leeway to do a breathing treatment, don't do it a half hour late because you were playing Zuma Blitz and got called to ER.  Do your treatment a half hour early, and if you get called to ER you'll still have time

23.  Unwilling to take on extra tasks:  Dont' be the person who says, "I don't get paid to write reports."  If your boss asks you for help doing something, don't be the person who always refuses. 

24.  Lying:  No one likes nor trusts a liar.

25: Politicking:  You tell me one thing to my face, yet say something else when I'm not around.  Again, you can't be trusted. 


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