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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Things my patients like about me

The following are things I often get complimented on by my patients:
  1. Remove glasses before putting mask over face
  2. Keep women covered during EKG
  3. Remove cup prior to shaking mask (so their whole face doesn't shake)
  4. Friendly
  5. Sociable
  6. Good conversation
  7. Love to discuss the Bible
  8. Love to discuss Politics (even with people I don't necessarily agree with)
  9. Positive demeanor
  10. Relaxed
  11. Pull up a chair next to the bed and put it away when I'm done
  12. Great at explaining things
  13. Make patient feel good about themselves
  14. Go out of my way to make sure patients has everything he needs (blankets, ice water, etc.)
  15. Get things right away for patients instead of making them wait
  16. Check up on patients between treatments, sometimes just for a chat
  17. I make them breathe better
  18. I make ABGs a gentle explerience


Jasanpreet M. said...

I believe that putting yourself in the patient's shoes is the way to go. I used to volunteer in the Cardiac Unit. My job was to visit patients and help them pass their time. Before going into the room, I would always wait a couple of seconds and imagine what the patient would be going through. I would judge the situation every time and have conversation related to that.

Tracy shen said...

It's very easy to do but not easy to do all the time. Sometimes, we will be very busy and forget to concern about our patients in details. You are doing something really fine.