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Sunday, August 19, 2012

A prating fool shall fall

“The wise in heart will receive commandments: but a prating foolshall fall.” Proverbs 10:8 
I think of this proverb every day as I'm working. I think of it every time I get an order from a doctor I think is unwise.  I think of it every time I keep my mouth shut and just do the task I'm ordered to do.  I think of it throughout the course of every day I work.

I try to be wise in my profession, and so to do most of my fellow RTs and RNs.  I read and learn as much as I can so I make the best decisions to help my patients.  I also read so I have material to share with my patients, even non medical.  I learn about politics, music and even art.  With the right patient I share my wisdom, and my patient shares his.  

I believe that even while I don't always understand my role as an RT, every thing I do, every good thing I do, every life I touch, will be seen it it's true character by God.  

On the other hand, some are wise in profession, may be the smartest doctors in the world as an example, but make decisions that are not practical.  In their mind they are doing something practical, but they are not.  A good example is the decision not to oxygenate a patient based on a myth that oxygen will knock out their drive to breath, or order breathing treatments on every patient out of myth and habit.  

When I question them they remind me of the myths.  They tell me I am the fool for not believing.  They tell me I'm the fool because I listen to lies.  Yet by Proverb 10:8 I know that their very rebellion, while it may flatter their proud hearts, will be against their own best interests.  For a "prating fool" is literally, "a fool of lips" ("prate" one who talks idly and at great length)

The fool lacks heart, so he will continually mouth off the things that he knows not of, but his folly shall ultimately be known. (2 Timothy 3: 7-9).  A person who knows not what the truth is yet thinks he does will mouth off foolish words and write foolish doctor's orders.  

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