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Friday, July 27, 2012

The kindness rule

The kindness rule involves stocking.  It's being considerate of your coworkers, and if you use the last of something, you replace it.  Or, if you're too busy to replace something, you tell your coworker during report so he can restock it.

If the kindness rule were followed at all times everything would always be in stock, and when you need something it will be where it's supposed to be.  This would work great because when you need something you won't have to search all over for it and look like a goofus RT in the process.

The kindness rule also entails cleaning and redressing ventilators and other such equipment as soon as it's done being used by a patient.  You should also do the function checks as necessary.  Or, if you are unable to do it, tell your replacement.

The kindness rule also entails getting all your work done.  If an incentive spirometer is ordered one hour before your shift ends, you should go out of your way to do it.  However, if you are extremely busy, the kindness rule allows you to notify your relief the work needs to be completed.

The kindness rule involves consideration for the other people you work with.  It involves a common sense approach to getting your work done and not leaving work for other people.

So we'll make this RT Cave rule # 58: The kindness rule entails that you get all your work done so you don't create work for your coworkers.


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