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Friday, June 1, 2012

"Hey Respiratory!" RT Rule #53

I'm sure you've heard it where you work:  "Hey respiratory!"  It's the default way to get the attention of the respiratory therapist.  "Hey respiratory guy!" 

I hear a lot of respiratory therapists who feel they are so little respected that many nurses and doctors just call them by their profession: "Respiratory!" 

Working for a small, close knit facility where I work this doesn't happen too often.  Usually the people who call me that are new nurses or new doctors in the Emergency Room.  Otherwise I'm usually referred to by my name.

That is, unless there's a page over head.  Then it's "Respiratory STAT to..."

I think most RTs that are called by their profession are generally those who come from larger facilities.  And the recommendation they give is this:

"I don't answer them if they say "hey, respiratory" or "hey, breathing guy". I just look at them and keep doing what I am doing until they call me by name. Seriously. Try calling them by saying 'hey, nurse'. See how they like it."

I really don't care what people call me.  If you want to call me respiratory that's fine by me.  Yet I understand where the frustration comes from. 

RT Cave #53:  Keep your respiratory therpast happy by calling him/ her by name.  Do not refer to your respiratory therapist as respiratory.  Do not say, "Hey, respiratory!"


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