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Sunday, June 10, 2012

The benefits of staying positive.

Every study I've ever read on the subject shows that people will like you better, and you'll like yourself better, if you are positive.  Studies also show it makes you live longer, and even have a greater chance at career advancement.

I remember following my dad to work one day when I was a kid.  My dad went out drinking the night before, and stayed up late.  He was not his usual self. Yet once he got to work, a coworker said, "Hey, Bob!  How's it going today?"  My dad smiled and said, "I feel great!"

I asked him later why he said that, and he said, "Because it makes you look good and feel good."  I didn't understand until I had a full time job as an RT where I work with people day in and day out. The people I like to associate with are those who are positive and happy.

A few years ago I started an experiment with myself.  I decided I would say nothing but happy, positive things.  When someone asked me how I was doing I'd say, "Great!"  When the bosses made an unpopular change, I'd say something like, "It will all work out in the end."

I think people like it when I work.  My coworkers like me and so do my bosses.  My bosses particularly like me because they know I won't complain about decisions they had to make, especially ones that are not popular.

When I do complain, they the bosses take me seriously.  That's a major advantage in itself. I recently had a run in with a coworker, and even though this wasn't what I expected, my bosses and my coworkers boss kowtowed to every wish I had.

This is a major advantage.  After doing some research on the Internet I've learned there are other advantages of staying positive, such as...

  1. People like you better, even when they disagree with you
  2. Your positive attitude spreads to your coworkers, and this improves morale
  3. You make better decisions under pressure
  4. You have a greater chance at promotion
  5. Your marriage is more likely to succeed (by a 5-1 ratio)
  6. You will be more resilient to stress 
  7. Make you feel better (Saying "I feel Great!" counters any feeling of stress)
  8. Positive people have more friends
  9. Positive people live longer
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