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Friday, June 15, 2012

Are Respiratory Therapists rewarded for their knowledge?

Your RT question:  Are RTs rewarded for their knowledge.  I know RTs go to school for two years and learn a ton.  Plus you guys have some good experience you learn from.  Do you get rewarded for your wisdom?

My humble answer:  Wow.  You got me there.  Great question.  We do learn a lot in this profession. We learn a lot about the lungs in school.  There's no one on the planet who knows how to diagnose and treat lung diseases than we do.  Your questions is, do we get rewarded for our wisdom.  Honestly, I'd have to say no we don't.  I know many of you were hoping I'd give a positive, optimistic answer to this question, yet I can't.  We are a young profession and growing, yet we still have a ways to go.  I think there are many times I make recommendations to doctors in nurses as to whether or not a treatment is indicated more often than not I'm told to do the treatment anyway.  So based on these experiences, I'd have to say that we are not rewarded for our wisdom, or any new wisdom we acrue.  We might win some friends, save lives and may impress some of our coworkers, yet we will not be paid extra for this added wisdom.  I'm assuming that by reward you're referring to pay.  Usually we RTs get pay raises at the end of the year equal to inflation, and our raises are not due to what we know.  Most raises are across the board or performance bsed, but not based on wisdom.  If we were paid based on our knowledge and not so much on performance, I think I'd be worth twice what I'm paid just for all the time and energy I spend bloggin here at the RT Cave. 



Anonymous said...

It sounds like the NBRC is going to need to start requiring 4 years of college education before RTs are going to get the rewards you speak of. Aside from LPNs, RTs are the least educated part of the care team. And we all know how much respect and pay LPNs get.

It's pretty difficult for someone who has gone through as much school as a doctor or RN to defer judgement to a guy who went to school for 2 yrs.

Once a 4 year education is required this will undoubtedly change though.

Sheila Langeslay SRT said...

So I'm to understand that RT's-who study the heart and lungs for two years are less educated than an RN? I respectfully disagree and find your arrogance regrettable. Further...what about the concept of a health care team?