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Saturday, April 21, 2012

RT Creed: Fear and Stress are necessary

Date:  7/11/62
To: Sim body, Director of IT Services
From:  Dr. Na buddy, ER physician, medical director
Re:  Relaxed ITs

Memo:  It has been observed that many of our fine Inhalation Therapists (ITs) have been reporting to codes and over head pages in a relaxed mode of behavior.  Just yesterday I witnessed two ITs enter the ER in a lackadaisical manner, relaxed and acting as though nothing was going on.  The truth was that the patient needed a STAT Bronchosol breathing treatment or he was going to die.  It was essential we got the bronchodilator into the patient's system before we inserted the chest tube to make sure the air got out of the patient's chest faster.

For the future, we recommend all ITs reporting to the ER be all stressed, sweaty, and have their tongues lagging from their mouths out of pure exhaustion when reporting to emergency calls.  We want to make sure the IT is on the same mental footing as the nurses and doctors so they can make the essential decisions out of panic and fear rather than from a relaxed state of mind.  Please consider this an unwritten policy at this institution. 

Also, I have been alerted that many of your fine ITs have still been talking to patients during breathing treatments.  We find this affects the deposition of the medicine and is causing the patient to feel too much at home and relaxed.  Again, we find that stress and anxiety help with the lung healing process.  Again, please consider this an unwritten policy at this institution.

Thank you for your attention in this regard

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