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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Have you ever switched from Advair to Symbicort

Your Question:  Have you ever switched from Adair Symbicort ? If so were the results the same, or is one better than the other?

My humble answer:  As of right now there are no FDA approved generics for Advair or Symbicort.  I did switch from Advair to Symbicort once.  As far as control of my asthma it was the same either way.  The Symbicort was nice in that it acts like a quick relief inhaler opening my airways immediately, as opposed to 15 mintutes for Advair.  This was nice.  However, Symbicort made my heart pound while Advair never did that.  So in my case I switched back to Advair.  The medicine in both are "relatively" the same, so from the expert standpoint I think which one works best is a matter of personal or professional preference.  In my case, I prefer Advair.  I do know quite a few asthmatics who prefer Advair and also quite a few who prefer Symbicort.  There' salso another option available along this line of medicine called Dulera.  I tried that once too and it was basically the same as Symbicort.  So that's my own personal experience with Advair and Symbicort.

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bill said...

the one isn't on our hospital formulary, so even if the doctors want to order it, they can't