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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Hospital Cafeteria

You'd think being a hospital that the cafeteria would serve something healthy.  People will say that you can have a salad, but there's two problems with salads:  1) they don't fill you up, and 2) salads require salad dressing and even the fat free stuff either tastes like crap or has too many cards.  So salad's off the table.

So then there's the sandwich stuff.  Well, the tuna fish I'm sure is made from high fat salad dressing, and so too are the noodles and coleslaw.  And a sandwich is like eating a bowl of cereal in the morning:  it doesn't fill you up either.  Or at least it doesn't fill me up.  

I like a meal.  And when you have to choose between 10 grams of fat lasagna and a Cuban sandwich, you have no choice but to go with the fail safe lasagna.  You can't screw up lasagna.  It tasted fine.  The taste is hardly ever the problem.  It's the 10 grams of fat.  And that's before the garlic bread I gave away.  

The Cuban sandwich was another story.  I Googled it before I went down.  Now, if you have to Google something on the menu, chances are you won't like it.  If you don't know what it is, it ain't good.  And it sure didn't look good.  Plus the average Cuban has about 30 grams of fat.  Nope.  Not for this guy.

So where's the healthy option?  There ain't none.  So that's why I usually take my own food to work.  Yet still, you'd think considering this is a hospital there'd be healthy choices.  But that's not the case one bit.  

The funny thing is, on the hospital website it talks about how healthy the menu food is.  It even mentions 10 and 30 grams of fat.  Ten grams of fat in a meal once in a while isn't terrible, yet I don't consider 10 grams of fat in one sitting every day every meal a good thing.  

To me, 5 grams of fat, even 8 is fine.  But 10 and 30?   Where's the healthy option?  Who defines healthy these days.  If this is the kind of options they serve in public schools, no wonder we've turned into a fat nation.  

The problem is sometimes there's nothing to take to work.  Then what do you do?  You have no choice but to eat cafeteria food, regardless of how unhealthy and yucky it is.  Same think with school meals.

My friends say I'm picky.  Yet that's not true at all.  I can eat most food.  I just prefer to eat unhealthy food when I'm on a vacation with my wife or doing something fun outside work, or when I go to McDonalds.  When I eat something unhealthy I want the food to be fun and tasty and not at work (with a few exceptions of course.)

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