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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Things to tell my great grand kids

I remember TVs with dials and phones with dials and cords.  I remember metal hangers and cars that ran on gas.  I remember when lawnmowers were loud and smelled of gas, and we men loved the smell and the noise. 

I remember when cell phones were called car phones and were large and cumbersome, and the battery pack was stored in the trunk of the car and took up space.  I remember taking typing class in the 10th grade and it was optional. 

I remember the first computers that you pretty much had to write your own programs and they were used pretty much for games that didn't work.  I remember the first video games for home called Atari and we were so excited about it even though the graphics sucked and the games weren't realistic.

I remember being in college and my teacher showing us how to use this thing called email and we kids thinking how stupid and useless it was for us to learn.  I remember in the 1990s seeing commercials for .coms and thinking what a waste of time those commercials were because no one had computers anyway.

I remember not having a computer until 2000 because they were too expensive, and then being excited a few years later when we bought our second one for $200, and we got a big and thin screen to go with it.  I remember in 2011 getting our first laptop and struggling to get used to it at the age of 41.

I remember watching on a black and white TV at school the take off and landing of the first space shuttle flight.  I remember film projectors in class, and I remember we kids were excited when the teacher played the film backwards.

I remember in the 1970s riding a bike and getting my bell bottoms stuck in the spokes. I remember red white and blue socks and short shorts.  I remember getting our first microwave in the mid 1980s and it was huge and had dials and then in the mid 80s renting a VCR so we could watch our first movie rental at home.

I remember tapes and CDs and tape players and CD players and CD/tape players and then disks and flash drives and then learning how to texts on cell phones you didn't have yet but everyone else did.

I remember when we finally splurged to get a VCR and then finally cable was wired to our street in 1987 when I was 17.  I remember this new station called Fox had shows like the Simpsons and Married With Children and kids would talk about these shows.  Later when we got cable we could watch them too.

I remember the pacer that was rejected and ten years later all cars resembled the car that was ahead of it's time.  I remember the 4 wheel drive car the Eagle and Chryslers merger with some German company and the popular Eagle's image was destroyed and the car eventually taken off the market.

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