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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Ativan Nebs: A treatment whose time has come


Ativan Nebulizers A treatment whose time has come

Yes it's true! The time has finally arrived for respiratory therapists to dole out Ativan nebs instead of Albuterol.  The evidence for this change is abundant, as you probably already know.

Albuterol is often ordered to treat all annoying lung sounds, dyspnea, and lung diseases. Yet studies show only 10 percent of these aerosols benefit the patient.

The result here -- as you well know -- is exuberant waste that results in RTs being lowered to the level of neb jockeys.  The end result is respiratory therapy apathy syndrome, or RATS.

We here at RATS Pharmaceuticals recommend you skip the Albuterol -- unless true bronchospasm is present -- and give Ativan nebs instead.  Not only does Ativan have a greater benefit to the patient, it improves morale of patient caregivers

Ativan* (scientifically referred to as lorazepam) is an anxiolitic good for relaxing any dyspneic patient, allowing them to get a good nights sleep.  The forced audible expiratory wheezes caused by over hydration, dehydration and exaggeration will all be gone. 

Your confused and demanding patient will now sit in a recliner with a smile firmly implanted on his face instead of persistently pressing on his call button. Patient anxiety, nervous tension, depression, and restlessness will all be gone. 

Sundowners often take night shifters away from their fun and games, yet not anymore that Ativan is in the air.  Now patients are calm and tranquil and all snug under blankets. Your patients and their nurses will delve into la-la land instead of calling for a therapist.

Irritable family members smile and drool instead of taking up your time.  Doctors benefit too as Ativan aerosols waft in the air for up to six hours following a thorough 10 minute treatment of 1-2 mg of Ativan solution.

Aerosolizing Ativan will create a peaceful and tranquil milieu throughout the entire hospital.  Respiratory Therapists will find joy in doling out nebulziers, and Respiratory Therapy Apathy Syndrome, burnout, and Monday Morning Blues will be disorders long forgotten.

Ativan is one member of a group of benzodiazepines that work by enhancing the effect of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), a brain chemical that is naturally calming.  GABA can slow down or stop certain nerve signals in the brain.  As a result, Ativan has several effects on the body, including:
  • Reducing anxiety  (treats your restless patient)
  • Causing sleepiness (takes care of sundowners)
  • Relaxing muscles (for that calming effect)
  • Stopping seizures (to quelch those fits of anger)
  • Impairing short-term memory loss (so the annoying ones don't remember your name)
Ativan Nebs: A treatment whose time has come.  To start an Ativan Neb program at your hospital, please call your local RATS representative.

*Side effects to Ativan are generally mild and rare.  Ativan can cause confusion and delirium, especially in the elderly. High doses, especially for patients with lung diseases, may cause a patient to forget to breathe, resulting in respiratory failure and death.  Ativan is not a remedy for any disease condition, including bronchospasm, and -- like Albuterol -- it only treats symptoms.  It may induce dizziness and unsteadiness, so it's greatly recommended workers inhaling it avoid staircases, cooking, or excessive thought.  Any persons exposed to Ativan aerosols should avoid driving motorized vehicles for up to 24 hours and should arrange for rides.  For future reference, please note again that Ativan Nebs do not cause bronchodilation.  May also cause urge to want to nap at work, and this urge should not be resisted.  May also cause hair loss, fun and orgasms. 


Unknown said...

Now if we could only give them to nursing as well....

FF/Medic said...

I've long supported having an aerosolized Ativan mist located in the staff entrance, specifically.

MDs, RNs, RTs and even simple techs, such as myself, can reap the benefits and have a wonderful shift.

Much easier to get out of bed in the morning when you KNOW you're gonna have a GREAT day at work.

Anonymous said...

I honestly think this would be awesome- not for the nursing staff- lol. But to be used as a mister as people walk through the doors. That or chocolate. This is something that needs to be looked into further and brought in the general scope of care-- neb. ativan. It would help calm our patients without distressing them too much.

Unknown said...

After all these years of breathing second-hand bronchodilators, finally something worthwhile to get exposed to!

John Bottrell said...

Tis true.