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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Faux priorities of RTs and how I prioritize

The following are the priorities in most hospitals:
  1. Charting
  2. Doing EKGs in ER whether they're needed or not
  3. Doing order set EKGs on the floor
  4. Donig STAT EKGs so the doctor can go home (or so patient can go to surgery)
  5. Making patient happy so hospital gets a good review
  6. Doing scheduled treatments on time and as ordered (not necessarily when needed)
  7. Taking care of the patients who actually need your services
Here's how I prioritize therapies
  1. Respiratory and cardiopulmonary arrest
  2. Patient doesn't look right
  3. Shortness of breath (treatment) and chest pain (EKG)
  4. Making patient happy
  5. Doing non emergent, non chest pain EKGs
  6. Doing STAT orders so doctor can go home or patient can go to surgery
  7. Doing scheduled therapies (Q4, Q6)
  8. Doing QID and TID and BID therapies
  9. Charting

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