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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Don't blow up at your RT

Noting the nurses in the ER were busy, and noting the patient had a CPAP and a bunch of other stuff than needed to go to his room, I inquired to the nurse what room the patient was going to be admitted to. 

She said, snarly, "Look!  If we knew what room he was in he'd be admitted already.  We don't know any more now what room he's going to as we did a half hour ago when you asked!"

Surely my natural instincts were setting in and I wanted to blow up at the nurse, yet I humble gained control, set my hand on her arm, and said, calmly, and with the most realistic smile I could muster, "Relax, I was just trying to help you guys out."

She mumbled a few things and was on her way. I decided never to offer my services in such a fashion again., at least when she's working.

RT Cave Rule # 54:   If you want your RT to help you out in the future, don't tick him off today.


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