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Saturday, November 12, 2011

A nebulizer is not a microphone

Do you ever have a patient who starts talking as soon as you give her the nebulizer?  Sometimes they're so loquacious I have to leave the room just so they can get the treatment.  Yet other times the treatments not needed anyway, so I just stay in the room and enjoy the company.

I had a patient recently who truly did need the treatments when she's sick, although she'd been a patient a few weeks and was feeling great.  She's quite a loquacious lady, and as soon as I gave her the neb she started talking.  She made a neat observations:

"You ever notice how I use the neb as a microphone?" she said.  "As soon as I get it I start talking into it. It doesn't amplify my voice or anything, yet it does make me talk."

Gosh, could we call this loquacious-uterol or loquacious-olin. 

I suppose in reality a nebulizer is not a microphone, yet it's often used as one.  I guess in a way. considering 80 percent of treatments aren't needed anyway, it might as well be a microphone. 


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