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Friday, October 21, 2011


Report. This is where the outgoing RT relays information regarding patients to the incoming RT, and provides times the therapies were last completed. Personally, I don't want my time wasted, so unless the patient fits into one of the categories below, all I want is the time:

1. The breathing treatment is indicated.
2. You are concerned about the patient, and think I should keep an eye on him.

3. The patient is not on the RT board and is someone we should watch.

4. The patient is deaf, blind, or is otherwise psychologically impaired in some way (dementia, altzheimers, autistic, etc.) and may need special care and attention

5. The patient requires a special technique, such as gentle CPT, or the pt can't wear a mask due to painful facial skin.

6. The patient is on a vent or BiPAP or Vent.

So, as report time looms, ask yourself this question: Is the therapy needed?

Then, If the patient is on breathing treatments, and the treatment is ordered for a non-indicated reason, and the patient is not in any respiratory distress, then all that's needed in report is a time.

However, common sense applies.

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